Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic


Get ready for ‘Don Pepin’ Garcia’s boldest creation yet – The Black label. Wrapped in a caramel Corojo leaf, this blend of Cuban-seed tobaccos from Nicaragua’s rich soils bursts with flavors of earth, toasted cedar, and black pepper, leaving a sweet aftertaste and aroma that ensures a satisfying experience every time.


Wrapper: Corojo

Origin: Nicaragua

Pack Size: 5 Pack, Box of 20


Prepare yourself for the most robust fusion ever crafted by ‘Don Pepin’ Garcia. The Black label not only beckons with its allure but also delights the senses with its delectable essence. Enveloped in a caramel-hued Corojo wrapper, this captivating amalgamation of Cuban-seed tobaccos originates from Nicaragua’s dark and fertile soils. The outcome is a profusion of flavors that dance across your palate, carrying distinct suggestions of earth, toasted cedar, and black pepper. The lingering taste and fragrance offer a delightful sweetness, culminating in an intriguing encounter that promises satisfaction without fail.

Garnering a ’92’ rating, the Cuban Classic blend, also recognized as ‘Black,’ hailing from the hands of Don Pepin Garcia, has earned a prestigious spot among the Top 25 Cigars in the world. It’s described as “an exquisite cigar boasting a refined draw and even burn. The blend exudes a pleasing harmony of toasted almond notes, woody undertones, and subtle hints of leather on the palate.”

Additional information

Pack Size

5 Pack, Box


Gordo, Toro


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