Deadwood Sweet Jane by Drew Estate


Encompassed by a rich and oily maduro wrapper, they are combined with aromatic and exotic tobaccos that enhance the cigars’ innate sweetness. With a medium-to-full-bodied profile, Sweet Jane unveils alluring hints of anise, pepper, earth, dried fruit, and a subtle touch of floral undertones in the conclusion.


Wrapper: Brazilian, Maduro

Origin: Nicaragua

Size: Toro

Pack Size: 5 Pack, Box of 24

Description: Deadwood Tobacco Co. Sweet Jane Cigars result from a collaboration between Vaughn Boyd, Deadwood’s brand owner, and the renowned Drew Estate Company. Crafted flawlessly as classic Coronas (5 x 46), these cigars are meticulously handmade at the renowned Drew Estate factory in Nicaragua. They feature a dark and oily maduro wrapper, paired with aromatic and exotic tobaccos that accentuate the cigars’ inherent sweetness. Medium-to-full-bodied, Sweet Jane reveals captivating notes of anise, pepper, earth, dried fruit, and a hint of floral tones on the finish. This blend’s distinctly delectable flavor profile is a testament to Drew Estate’s expertise. Treat yourself to an affordable box of 24 from Smoky Cigar today and relish in yet another extraordinary Drew Estate creation that stands uniquely on its own.

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Pack Size

5 Pack, Box


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