Deadwood Leather Rose by Drew Estate


Cloaked in an exotic and aromatic maduro wrapper, these cigars inundate your senses with cascades of tantalizing Drew Estate flavor. What distinguishes Leather Rose from the other compositions within the Deadwood Tobacco assortment is its undisclosed filler blend, whispered to possess an amplified spice profile when juxtaposed.


Wrapper: Brazilian, Maduro

Origin: Nicaragua

Size: Petite Corona, Torpedo

Pack Size: 5 Pack, Box of 24

Description: Leather Rose – whether it’s an enchanting symphony of scents or Drew Estate’s freshest release, count me in! Drew Estate’s dominance in the cigar realm has been unwavering, and their latest line of cigars keeps the success story alive. Initially known as the Three Yummy Bitches, this cigar series has seen recent additions, much to the joy of enthusiasts.

The name is eccentric and the packaging unconventional, but if you’re acquainted with Drew Estate, you’re already privy to their must-try reputation. Wrapped in an exotic and aromatic maduro wrapper, these cigars shower you with waves of delectable Drew Estate flavor. What sets Leather Rose apart from the other blends in the Deadwood Tobacco lineup is its undisclosed filler blend, rumored to possess a heightened spice profile when compared side by side. Following the triumphs of Liga Privada, Undercrown, ACID, Natural, and a myriad of other cigars, would you even question that these sticks are anything less than exceptional?

Additional information


Petit Corona, Torpedo

Pack Size

5 Pack, Box


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