Deadwood Crazy Alice by Drew Estate


Enveloped in an exotic and aromatic maduro wrapper, these cigars immerse your palate in a sequence of exquisite Drew Estate flavors.


Wrapper: Brazilian, Maduro

Origin: Nicaragua

Size: Pyramid

Pack Size: 5 Pack, Box of 10

Description: Crazy Alice? I can’t decide whether we’re talking about an epic Saturday night or one of Drew Estate’s most renowned releases, but either way, count me in! Drew Estate has maintained its position at the pinnacle of the cigar industry for years, and their Deadwood Tobacco line of cigars perpetuates their success. Originally named the Three Yummy Bitches, this cigar series has recently been unleashed to the masses, and our excitement knows no bounds.

The name is eccentric, the packaging unconventional, and the size… well, it’s anything but traditional. Yet, if you’re familiar with Drew Estate, you’re well versed in the fact that these cigars are an absolute must-try. Wrapped in an exotic and aromatic maduro wrapper, these cigars inundate your palate with successive waves of exquisite Drew Estate flavor. Despite lacking infusion, Crazy Alice Cigars are an integral part of Drew Estate’s Deadwood Tobacco line, an aromatic collection that offers an intense flavor profile, naturally sweet and remarkably pleasing to the senses. Given the triumphs of Liga Privada, Undercrown, ACID, Natural, and countless other cigars, is there any doubt that these sticks are anything less than extraordinary?

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Pack Size

5 Pack, Box of 10


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